Bronze & Aluminum Casting


For over 30 years Intercast has been casting and supplying bronze castings and aluminium castings to engineering and marine businesses across Australia. Being a non-ferrous foundry, we are able to cast to your exact dimensions and work to strict deadlines.

We stock various bronze and aluminium alloys to ensure that your part is purpose built for its application. Along with being able to cast bronze and aluminium, our foundry also has the capability for zinc casting, brass casting and lead casting.

Our Capability

Intercast is a non-ferrous foundry, that can cast a range of non-ferrous metals. Our capability includes:

  • 1,500KG Bronze casting weight capacity
  • 600kg Brass casting weight capacity
  • 500KG Pure Lead casting weight capacity
  • 250kg Pure Aluminium casting weight capacity
  • 600kg Pure Zinc casting weight capacity
  • Sand casting
  • Certified Australian standard metals
  • 5 day turnaround
  • Australia wide delivery
  • And more

If you require a different material we are able to cast almost any non-ferrous material. Contact us today for a quote.

aluminium casting

Our Metals

All of our castings can be supplied with a material certificate upon request. We stock and use a range of metals that are certified to Australian standards, such as:

  • Aluminium Bronze (AB/C95400 and AB2/C95810)
  • Manganese Bronze (HTB1/C86500 and HTB3/C86300)
  • Phosphor Bronze (PB1/C90710 and PB2/C90810)
  • Leaded Gunmetal (LG2/C83600 and LG4/C92410)
  • Lead Bronze (LB/C93500 and LB2/C93700)
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • And more

If you require a different material we are able to cast almost any non-ferrous material. Contact us today for a quote.


Is Intercast able to provide a material certificate with the order?

Yes! We can provide a material certificate with your order upon request.

What metals are Intercast able to cast?

We are a non-ferrous foundry so we can cast almost any pure metal or alloy which isn’t steel. We stock a range of bronze alloys, aluminium, zinc and lead however if you are able to provide us with your required material we can quote for casting almost any non-ferrous metal.

How long will it take to receive my casting?

Lead time will vary based on current production levels, however for a blank casting with no machining we typically provide a 5 day turnaround from receipt of purchase order. We are able to provide a faster turnaround time for urgent orders.

Does Intercast have a quality control system?

Yes! We follow a strict quality control procedure that ensures all of our parts are made to the highest standard, and are cast to the required dimensions.

Nothing leaves our door without being thoroughly checked.

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