Sculptures & Art Casting


Here at Intercast we work with a range of both local and international artists and hobbyists as the foundry of choice for casting their sculptures & artwork. Through our foundry here in Perth, we are able to cast artwork in a range of different bronze alloys. Our specialty is bronze, however we also offer brass and aluminium.

Our services include sand casting, lost wax casting and lost foam casting, depending on the type of finish you require and your budget.


Our attention to detail and decades of experience enable us to ensure your sculpture is cast to the top standard you expect.

  • 100% Made in Australia for a high standard
  • Local foundry so you can view the operation
  • Fast turnaround time compared to overseas competitors
  • Casting available in Bronze, Brass or Aluminium
  • Sand Casting, Lost Wax Casting and Lost Foam Casting available to suit all budgets


What metal does Intercast use when casting?

Our metal of choice is silicon bronze, however we can cast in any bronze of your choice as well as brass and aluminium.

Can Intercast offer different types of finishes?

Yes! We have a range of different metals depending on how dull or ‘shiny’ you would like your artwork to finish. We can also use different types of sands to give either a smooth finish, or more of a ‘rough’ finish.

Can I see where my sculpture will be made?

Yes! Being a foundry based right here in Perth we can show you around our factory to give you a better understanding of the casting process. Please note that we do not allow walk ins, so prior bookings are essential.

What will it cost to cast my sculpture?

Our pricing is based on the weight of the finished casting and the time taken to cast. As all artwork is unique the price does vary, however our sales team is able to provide a quote within 24 hours. Contact us today for a quote.

Looking to make a Sculpture or Art Casting?